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ZEROXCLUB Backup Camera for Car Pickup Trucks SUVs Vans RVs License Plate Rearview Camera Night Vision IP69 Waterproof Wide View-B01

  • Reflect true and real time image, maintain original color, adopts the advanced optical design and remarkable image processing technology to provide 720P resolution image for your vehicle.
  • Adopts Advanced Night Vision Technology, create lower noise and Illumination, wide view help you see things more comprehensively, provide clear and real image with a little light. 
  • With IP69K waterproof design, even at Rain /Snow/Fog still can see road condition clearly, This License Plate Backup Camera still work in extreme weather, provides clear image without delay.
  • In the package there is practical instruction manual, even non-technical person can install it easily. It is universal for most vehicle license plate like Trailer/Truck/RV/Pickup/Van/SUV/Camper and so on.
  • We hope every customer get a system they need and have a joyful experience, so if you need any help, please contact us, we are willing to help.








  1. Can tolerate high and low temperature, not only works for sunny day, but also snowy, foggy, rainy. It is hateful when you drive in winter and in summer while your camera stops working, our camera has considering your need, it can tolerate -4 - 176. Just enjoy your vacation, and no need to worry about temperature.
  2. If you live in a city that always rain, and want to find a camera that is waterproof so that you can use it when you have to drive in rainy days. You are lucky, because our camera is the one you are looking for. It is IP69k waterproof, the glass in sealed tightly, so even in rainy or snowy days, it can still works for you and provide convenience for you. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles.


Advanced Night Vision and HD Image

With advcanced night vision technology and LED lights, it is easy to see things clearly in the dark, because its accurate recognition of lawns, stones, lakes, so it will be a reliable assitant at night. It also has clear and true color image at daytime, you can see the true color of the things you pass by.

Why use a hidden license plate bracket?

In the United States, the police do not allow your camera stand to cover any part or you will be fined. We use a hidden bracket, No need to drill any holes, just attach it to previous holes. Easy to install, can totally do it yourself. Of course, if you need any help, we are ready to help.

Optional Accurate Guide Line

Restain the green wire, the guide line will on; if you don't want guide line, cut the green wire.

Note: if the green wire is cut, it can't connect again, so please make sure you don't want guide line any more before you cut it.