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VanDuck 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Mop Pads 15x8 Inch 6-Pack

  • Cotton Terry Cloth Mop Covers (MOP IS NOT INCLUDED)
  • Size 15x8 inches. Cotton Mop Head Replacement. Set of 6
  • For all floor types including hardwood and laminate: tiles, all kinds hardwood wipes.
  • Mop Head Replacement for Wet/Dry Flat Mops.
  • Washable up to 150 times







Product Description

VanDuck uses 100% Premium quality Cotton to make thick, durable and super absorbent mop pads.

Each pad design is created with professional engineers to make VanDuck pads extra strong and efficient for everyday use.

Fits Bona, ShMop, O Cedar and all 15x8’’ Flat mop.

VanDuck Mop Refills:

  • Will never shrink after numerous washings because it has an EXTRA SPACE at its edges
  • Strong double-sided elastic helps your mop cover to serve longer
  • Ideal for hardwood flooring, laminate, tile
  • Wet and dry use
  • No static mop cover. Static electricity attracts a lot of dust after cleaning the surface with synthetic/microfiber materials. VanDuck won't generate static electricity compared to synthetic and microfiber pads, because it is 100% COTTON.


VanDuck 100% Cotton terry cloth 15x8 mop pads

What is 100% Cotton Terry Cloth?

  • Maximum Cleaning Efficiency: gathering hair (human, pets, dogs), dust and particles (compared to common microfiber materials
  • Maximum Water Absorption: absorbs TWICE more than microfiber cloth
  • Extra Thick and Strong Fabric: best cotton terry cloth available on the market
  • Washable and Reusable: up to 150 times
  • Don't Generate Static Electricity: Static electricity attracts a lot of dust after cleaning the surface with synthetic / microfiber materials


Best mop cover

VanDuck Mop Cover Provides BEST RESULTS for:

  • Pet Hair
  • Filth and small particles
  • Dust
  • Human Hair

Product details

  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds