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Corner Protector, Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards, Keep Child Safe, Protectors for Furniture Against Sharp Corners (8 pack)

  •  CUSTOMIZED HIGH POWER ADHESIVE  we offer a custom  high power adhesive on each side of the guard , covering the interior as a whole, to prevent the guard from being teared off by the child. And it can removes the residual trace without damaging the furniture.
  • TRANSPARENT AND SOFT - Our totally transparent protector are like a part of the furniture to keep the original look of the furniture. The  PVC material is more flexible and provides soft bumps at the corners to reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • 3M material ,Environmental protection and tasteless, no heavy metals







Protect Your Family
Are you still worried that the sharp corners of the furniture will hurt your family (especially your baby)? Our corner protectors are designed for sharp corners to effectively protect your family.


Product information

Product Dimensions:32*17*8mm.

Material Type:PVC.