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Tide Power pods Laundry Detergent Liquid pacs, 10x Heavy Duty for Impossible Stains(48 Count)

  • Designed for impossible stains: grease, oil, wine
  • 50% more cleaning power in large loads vs Tide Original liquid
  • Fights set-in stains, caked-on dirt, foul odors
  • Dissolves completely
  • Works in any machine, any temperature, any water condition







The new Tide Power PODS Heavy Duty laundry pacs one up the power of liquid

Product description

Size:Heavty Duty (48 Count)

Tide Power pods laundry detergent provides the ultimate clean in large loads.   washing machines are getting bigger - fitting more clothes which means more dirt. Tide Power pods have 50% more cleaning power than Tide Original liquid, better removing dirt in large loads.   Tide Power pods heavy duty 10x is designed for impossible stains, like grease, oil, red wine, blood, and smoke.   #1 Trusted. (Consumers #1 Trusted laundry detergent brand in Reader's Digest Survey)   America's #1. (Based on unit sales.)