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PET N PET Poop Bags Earth-Friendly 1080 Counts 60 Rolls Large Unscented Dog Waste Bags Doggie Bags

  • Great price for PET N PET 1080 counts poop bags ( 60 rolls, 18 bags per roll), a value pack can supply more than 1 year
  • Dog poop bags with dimensions 9*13 inches, flat bottom, with enough space for tying a secure knot, easy to use
  • Our dog poop bag are unscented and durable, heavy duty and never leak dog bags
  • The pet waste bags designed with a finger perforation, and a paper tube inside, fits most dispensers
  • Recycled packaging and roll cores to offer a more green way to dispose of dog waste







Dog waste bags
dog waste bags

PET N PET dog poop bags helps picking up poop easier and funny!

This value pack comes with 1080 poop bags, so you can make sure that you’re always prepared for every walk.


  • You can get 1080 counts awesome dog poop bags on 60 refill rolls of 18 bags.
  • Unscented, durable and tear proof, don't stick to each other making them easy to separate.
  • Large and Thick poop bags measure 13 x 9 inches to accommodate even the largest dogs.
  • When it’s time for your pup to take care of some important business, Pet N Pet dog poop bags can do the job.
  • As a cat litter bags is great for cat owners to use for litter box clean up.


poop bags for dogs

This massive roll set includes 1080 dog poop bag refill bags, so you'll always have one on hand should you need it.

pet waste bags

A sticker at the top of each poop bag makes it simple and easy to find and open.

large size

These extra thick and strong dog poop bag are durable and leak-proof.

oxo biodegradable poo bags

Each roll high 6 cm and 3.5cm in diameter to fits most dispensers. (Dispenser is not included in this box)

doggie bags

PET N PET dog waste bags meets with EPI Additive (ASTM D6954) and we use recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores.

large poop bags

PET N PET Poop bags for dogs poop and cat litter bags make your life easy.