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Creative Smart Touch LED Light Panel Removable Hexagonal Wall Lamp DIY Geometry Splicing Hex Light Honeycomb Hallway Night Ligh

  • 【Touch Sensor Wall Lamp】- Creative modular touch-sensing wall light,low power LED light panels use a capacitive proximity sensor to detect your body and turn on or off with little effort.Use hexagonal floppy to create any structure to suit your needs, then turn it on and off by touching it.This design allows you to effectively slide where they want or need light, turn your wall into a work of art.
  • 【Customize Your Space with DIY Joy】- The fast modular component is equivalent to a system that can easily adapt to any scene. Use magnetic edges to connect the lights together to create the structure that best fits your interior.No dark area on the surface and seamless split & joint.Up to 65 blocks can be spliced together to make various shapes, shows gorgeous & amazing effects and creates romantic & joyful atmosphere
  • 【Smooth Operation Slide On/Off】- The wall light is turned on and off by the users physical touch. A capacitive sensor is used as a switch that turns each component on or off when the users body touches the surface. This design allows the user to effectively slide where they want or need light.Easily swipe your fingers, arms, or even your shoulders across these light panels to activate the lights.Environmentally friendly,low power consume and saving energy