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Front & Back LED Lighting, Variable Dimmer | Shock Absorption, Bumper Case iPhone 8+ / iPhone 7+ / iPhone 6s+ / iPhone 6+

  • SELFIE LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING - Our influencer approved iPhone case offers studio-quality front and back facing lights for creating all types of images. The warm, natural ·LED lights allow you to create the pictures and videos you will feel good about - you, in the best possible light. It has raised front LED strips that product over 90% brighter light than the phone's flash. The rechargeable battery supports 30 minutes of full brightness! Case comes with a micro USB charging cable.
  • BUMPER CASE PROTECTION: Safeguard your iPhone from everyday wear-and-tear with this LuMee case. This hard case has protective corners which cushion the device and soft rails for easy removal.
  • SLIM & SLEEK DESIGN - The LuMee Duo offers a sleek look and comfortable feel. The outer shell comes in either a soft matte or a smooth glossy finish.
  • COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH: iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone 6 Plus. Regular Size options available in separate