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fairlife YUP! Low Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk, Cookies & Creamiest, 12 Count

  • A ready to drink milk Beverage with nutritional goodness, including 16g of protein, calcium, and vitamin A and D.
  • Yup! Reduced Fat Milk Beverage contains 220 calories and 21g of sugar.
  • Cookies N’ creamiest single-serve flavored ultra-filtered milk is the perfect combination of the favors of buttery cookie, dark chocolate Fudge and a hint of frosting.
  • Product Contains pack of 12 (twelve) 14 fluid ounce single serve, shelf-stable bottles. Great for on the go.
  • Yup! Cookies N' Creamiest is a deliciously flavored ready to drink milk made with 2% low fat, ultra-filtered milk.







Yup! Cookies n' Creaminest is a ridiculously delicious ultra-filtered milk. Packaged in single serve, shelf stable Bottles that you can grab whenever and wherever you want-even on the go! Our unique ultra-filtration concentrates nutrients such as, protein and calcium and filters out lactose. And while the flavor is totally where it’s at, yup! Also gives you the nutritional goods: it’s reduced-fat (*43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk), with 16g of protein, and it’s jam-packed with vitamins A and D. Enjoy yup! Ready to drink reduced Fat Milk in a variety of all-natural flavors, including classic White, rich chocolate, and very Strawberry.