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Egg Steamer Fried Egg Mold Baby Complementary Food Artifact Kitchen Home Egg Cooker Non-stick Cup Breakfast Fried Egg Model PP Material Pack Of 4

  • Pour the eggs into the mold ,Brush a layer of oil (approximately 5 minutes full) and it will be cooked in 1 minute and 20 seconds
  • Brushing the mold with oil can make better anti-sticking and demolding (no need to be too much, just apply a thin layer evenly)
  • Due to different microwave oven power and temperature, the time to make the finished product may be different (When the 600W power egg liquid is 5 minutes full, steam it for 1 minute and 20 seconds) The first attempt can choose low heat, and the time is 1 minute and 1 minute. To make your favorite taste
  • The mold is more suitable for breaking egg liquid into omelet. Moisture may drip when the whole egg is cooked, resulting in the egg not being flat enough, which is normal.







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