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ALLMAX AA Maximum Power Alkaline Batteries (100 Count Bulk Pack) – A Ultra Long-Lasting Battery – Store up to 10 Years, Leak-Proof(1.5V)


·Maximum Power – ALLMAX Batteries are premium grade, high-capacity alkaline batteries built with EnergyCircle Technology to supply maximum power to your electronic devices.
·Ultra Long-Lasting – ALLMAX Batteries are competitive among leading brands with ultra long-lasting power and performance for high-drain, low-drain, and outdoor devices.
·Store up to 10 Years – ALLMAX Batteries are always fresh, made within one year of purchase, and will maintain optimal power for up to 10 years in proper storage.
·Leak-Proof – ALLMAX Batteries are built with a Liquid Safety Seal and anti-corrosion components to make sure your electronic devices are always protected.





Product Description

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10 years in storage, leak proof, safe for environment battery